Monday, April 30, 2007

Wild yard bunny

This is one of the wild rabbits that hangs out in my yard. There were two outside at the time, but i wasn't able to get both in the same shot. I have six pet rabbits that live in the house with me and are spoiled rotten, but i also enjoy watching and seeing the wild rabbits happy. I've seen some unusual ones out there, and do what i can to not disturb them, mostly taking photos through the windows. There were a couple wild ones a few years ago that had Shopes, and my vet said it might not be a good idea to let my bunnies play out there and get it. Most of mine had been abandoned outside by people and i got them from the humane society, so they always act a little scared outside anyway. There was also a wild rabbit with only three legs, but the vet said that as long as he could get around and run, he should be fine. There are some predators in the area, birds of prey, wolves, foxes and such. I worry more about people hurting them though, wild animals do what they have to survive, people can just be mean.

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