Friday, April 27, 2007

Mourning Doves

This is kind of rushed picture, i saw them on my deck and quickly grabbed my camera, so it's kind of funny that i used a macro lens to get this, but i really like how it turned out. These are two of the mourning doves that live in one of the trees of my yard, i love the sounds they make and can't really understand why people would want to hunt them. They are very pretty to me, and kind of graceful in a funny way. I get mostly grackles, but also mourning doves, cardinals, blue birds and little ones i forget the name of. I occasionally see humming birds, but not a lot, even when i have a feeder, but i love them. Besides taking pictures of macro objects and night photography, i really enjoy trying to photograph wildlife living in my back yard. You'll probably get sick of those, but it is in River Falls. ;)


Anonymous said...

Yes, mourning doves are neat birds. The males make a sound that sounds something like a woman wailing over the death of a husband or son. I have some wonderful photos of mourning doves. They have the prettiest sky blue eyelids you can see when they close their eyes. It is almost shocking to get a photo of the with their eyes closed. They are also sloppy nest builders but in spite of them losing eggs and young because of bad nests, they are prolific and thank goodness for that as the hawks depend on them for a square meal now and then.

I noticed the desk board looks like it has seen better days there in the corner behind the doves. LOL It happens to the best carpenters too.

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting about the animals I have had to kill. It isn't easy to do and I agree with you.

When I was young we killed our chickens and sometimes ducks and rabbits and even a pig. Nobody thought anything about it. I was very young the first time I used a hatchet to chop off the head of a chicken. Mother stood there and made sure I did it right.

Now, however, I don't kill things unless it is to help them get through some kind of medical problem nobody can solve.

Take care.

tfangel said...

@Abraham: Yeah, my deck is pretty near needing to be redone, but there is still more work in the house i need to tackle before that gets done. It was in pretty bad shape when i bought the house though. I've never seen the blue eyelids, but now i'll keep looking for it.

Oya said...

They are cute. I love to see animals around me. It is impossible to have them in a small apartment...You are lucky...

lv2scpbk said...

Thanks for visiting my site. And, yes that's what the bird I took looks like.

Mandy said...


they look like pigeons to me!