Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Today is Halloween, and since i've not really been out and about, here is a scary photo of a fly that i took a while ago. It's a fly, and that fly is in River Falls, so it counts, right? ;) As annoying as they are normal sized, they are pretty freaky when you magnify them. I'm not the best at macro photography, but i sure do enjoy the results, seeing what is usually hidden from view or goes unnoticed.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Songs of the Body, Modern Dance

Here is Mari Kline doing one of the modern dances. I'll admit i'm a bit lost when it comes to modern dance, i understand it's very open to interpretation, and you don't always know the intent of the performer. It was interesting and fun though. I don't have a video of her dance, it just wouldn't upload for some reason.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Songs of the Body, Middle Eastern

Here is Jen Bush doing a middle eastern dance performance. She had a couple costume changes, and in the picture she did a mix of middle eastern and flamenco dance, which was really interesting. You can also see that the dancers were pretty close to the crowd, and how hard it was to figure the lighting in there, with basically overhead lights and large windows that allowed the sun to come in.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Songs of the Body, Bharatanatyam

Here is Jocelyn Gorham doing a presentation of her dance. Before she danced she gave a description of what the dance was, which i included a part of below. It was very lovely and detailed, and she did a great job.

Unrelated, been having horrible internet lately, i have AT&T, although i don't know if it's connected to being them, and this post took over an hour to get up as it's been dropping me off most of the day. I've only had a couple of hours online total today, and about that all week. Disconnects constantly, slower speed than i'm supposed to get, almost dial up slowness actually. I've been looking into switching, but when i talk to the only other option of high speed internet, they seem to think my house is a business and keep not believing me that it's not, and only want to talk business plans. Ugh, and it's supposed to snow soon. Sorry the complaints were longer than the description of the event.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Songs of the Body, Ballet

Here is Lynne Butenhoff showing off some ballet, to various songs from Swan Lake, although i forget which. Again, the carpet caused some problems. Also again, a short clip below of one of her dances.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Songs of the Body, Ballroom

Here are Gary and Nancy Sukowatey doing one of their ballroom dances, although as a lot of the people performing said, the carpet wasn't ideal. They have a dance studio in Roberts, WI, but i'm unable to find a webpage for it, although it does show up on the yellow pages. They showed several different ballroom styles, i forget which exactly though. Below is a short video of one of their dances.

Side note, someone i had met at one of these events previously asked me if anything else cultural was coming up soon, and i just discovered that there is going to be another Culture Fest 2011 on November 9th at 6 pm in North Hall on campus. I took photos of the one last year, and as usual i have a set up on flickr of them. Not sure if she will see this before then, but hopefully those who might be interested in it will now know.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Songs of the Body, venue

This is where Songs of the Body took place, the lower level of the local library. Normally it's a gallery of local art, or other displays, but for this and and the martial arts thing the day before, they move things around and place chairs there. Not long after this they are going to get started on the haunted house that is down there. It's for smaller children, and is a pretty big deal from what i hear.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Songs of the Body

I just got back from this Songs of the Body presentation at the local library. It was very interesting and fun, sad i missed the martial arts exhibition there yesterday morning, but i wasn't feeling so hot and couldn't make it. Glad i did make this today, more photos will follow, but this will be a little bit of a tease of what to expect.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Attack of the Moon Zombies

I just got back from a screening of Attack of the Moon Zombies at the University Center of UW-River Falls, and after there was a question and answer session with the maker Christopher R. Mihm from the Twin Cities. It was a very fun throwback to 1950s sci-fi films, B-movie ones, especially similar to Roger Corman. It was impressive he's basically made a film a year since 2006, and seems to really enjoy making them in his basement mostly. As to the film, starts slower and gets more into the flow as it goes, but that is also kind of how a lot of 50s sci-fi movies were.

On an unrelated note, i was housebound for a week after the previous photo as my car was in the shop for a bad anti-theft immobilizer that prevented me from starting the car. Thankfully it went out for good only about a mile from home, in front of a business i am close with the owners and employees. Thanks goes out to them again for giving me a drive home.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

UW-River Falls Art Installations 2011

Yesterday was the first day of the art installations being around campus over on the university. Some very interesting ones out there, i seemed to have missed a few, but the rest of the ones i did get are over on my flickr in a set. It was also very unseasonable as when i was leaving at around 5pm the thermometer on the bank and in my car both said 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Not sure when normal fall weather is going to return, but it's weird being so warm with fall colors out.

How the university described the Art Installations:

"What better way to enjoy today's beautiful warm weather than by a walk around campus to view the creations of more than 300 students from various UWRF art courses. Some 54 sites feature faculty and student outdoor works of art to view as part of the 20th Annual Outdoor Art Installation. This masking tape bike on the edge of KFA offers you a lesson on perspective as you view it from different angles. Everyone is asked to please respect the artistic ideas and to not alter or damage the artwork. Site maps identifying the individual installations can be picked up in Gallery 101 or 172 KFA. The installation goes through Friday."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

more fall colors

More fall colors from the north part of town, still in city limits, so as you can imagine, it's a pretty small town with the rural in it. This is actually a park, between the hill and farm area. Not really sure what else i can say here, other than the weather is nice and loving the colors.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fall colors

Here are some of the trees changing colors on the north part of town, not the most artistic or professionally  done photo of it, but it's getting pretty out there. Some years it changes in a day, or goes right from green to brown, but this year there are a lot of pretty colors. Did i mention it's been getting up to 80 degrees fahrenheit lately? Because that's pretty warm for October, especially since not long ago we had freezing temperatures. Still getting chilly at night, but this is a nice break. Even if it is weird seeing fall colors with such warm weather.

Sorry for the lack of photos, been in a not so great place, still not quite out of it, but will try better to get more photos.