Thursday, October 27, 2011

Songs of the Body, Bharatanatyam

Here is Jocelyn Gorham doing a presentation of her dance. Before she danced she gave a description of what the dance was, which i included a part of below. It was very lovely and detailed, and she did a great job.

Unrelated, been having horrible internet lately, i have AT&T, although i don't know if it's connected to being them, and this post took over an hour to get up as it's been dropping me off most of the day. I've only had a couple of hours online total today, and about that all week. Disconnects constantly, slower speed than i'm supposed to get, almost dial up slowness actually. I've been looking into switching, but when i talk to the only other option of high speed internet, they seem to think my house is a business and keep not believing me that it's not, and only want to talk business plans. Ugh, and it's supposed to snow soon. Sorry the complaints were longer than the description of the event.

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