Monday, September 13, 2010

Running of the Llamas

Saturday was also the Running of the Llamas event in Hammond, WI, and while not quite in town, it was only a handful of miles away. I have a ton more pictures of it on my Flickr, as it was a great time and lots of interesting things happening. Sadly i was starting to feel not so hot and had moved out of a good spot after the second heat of them running, and with so many people it was hard to get shots over their heads. So i headed home before the end. The llamas and alpacas were adorable, they reminded me of larger, strange versions of my pet rabbits. They even made similar sounds, a low humming type thing, or a sigh, hard to explain. I have a short video up on my flickr though, and if you listen you can hear a couple of them making it over the sounds of people talking.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art on the Kinni 2010

Here is a photo of the Art on the Kinni event that happened in town yesterday on the White Pathway along the river. It was nice, although the almost 20 degree difference in temperature from when i got there to when i left really tired me out, not to mention all the walking and my back hurting. Lots of interesting things to look at and buy, one of my favorites being by Fire In the Hand, the octopus plates and bowls. Thought about getting some, but in retrospect it's probably better i didn't, not because of them, but when i got home to download pictures one of my main hard drives had died a horrible death (head crash, "whirrr... click... click... grind...) and had to make a quick run to get a replacement before i lost more data. Thankfully it was one in a Drobo, so it seems no data was lost, but has since been working to repair the archive. Anyway, it was a nice event, with lots of different art and styles. Lots of people when i was there too.