Monday, April 30, 2012

Unity In the Community - Dance theater

Here are some of the dancers from the dance theater program doing a Cuban dance at the university portion of Unity in the Community last week. On a related note, i read opinions in the paper and other places (i'm not going to link to them to even give them that satisfaction) that show why we need these events, frankly disgusting, racist, bigoted, and ignorant comments that make me ashamed to live in the same country as those who feel that way. I would like to say it surprises me, but i know from first hand experience that it exists, i just wish we were better than that.

Still working on the photos, i was out of town recently and didn't have much time to go though them, but will be soon i hope. As i get them done they will be going up in a set on my flickr here.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unity in the Community 2012

Here is Locos Por Juana from Florida performing at the University part of Unity in the Community at UW-River Falls yesterday. It was originally planned to be outdoors, but due to rain earlier in the day it was moved to the Falcon's Nest in the University Center. The part of the event at the university was a mix of Locos Por Juana and various student dances on a side stage. There was also an event later in the day at Veteran's Park downtown, outdoors since the weather got quite nice by then. As usual it will take me a while to get all the photos up.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

More of the Drag show

Here is another shot of the Drag Show at University of Wisconsin River Falls, this one of a drag king, which a woman dressed up as a man, as opposed to a drag queen, which is a male dressed up as a woman. The show was a mix of both, with most of the drag queens from the Twin Cities, although a couple students also were, but if i'm not mistaken all the drag kings were students.

I'm slowly getting the photos of the event up on a set on my flickr here, but i'm a bit distracted as one of my oldest pet rabbits is quite sick and not really getting any better. She had a serious infection that showed up on a blood test, and after a stay overnight at the vet, has been getting a lot of medications daily. She seemed to be doing slightly better, but the last couple of days has only hid and nibbled on food. Thats a bad sign, and she's acting a lot like Zack did before he passed. I know i have to brace myself, but they all mean the world to me, so it's hitting hard.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UW-River Falls Drag Show 2012

Tonight (wednesday) was the drag show at the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and here is one of the performers dressed as a Borg from Star Trek. It was the day after my birthday, so while not on it, it was nice to get out and have fun. The Falcon's Nest where the event was held was packed more than i've ever seen it, even though it seems to have not been advertised that well, a good time was had by all it seemed, even though it showed how out of shape i am with walking around getting photos for several hours. Might take a while for me to go through all the photos and get them up, i took many, many ones as i was trying something new (fixed lens with a wide aperture for the low light). It means i couldn't sit in one spot like i've done previously and zoom in, so my feet are killing me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Work on Cascade

Cascade Avenue is closed now, not sure for how long, but i took this the same day as the International Bazaar. Cascade is one of the main roads through town, so i'm sure this causing a lot of troubles. River Falls is set up oddly, with several streams and rivers keeping most roads from going all the way through, even though it's quite small, so most people tend to use certain ones most of the time. One personal gripe i have about Cascade is that it's 35mph for a good part of it, and people tend to never go slower than five miles per hour over the speed limit. This is through residential areas, which also includes the university, and people cross the road a lot. I'm surprised there haven't been more accidents on it, but people seem to always be in a hurry lately without thinking.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

UW-River Falls International Bazaar 2012

Last night was the annual International Bazaar at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. I almost missed it this year as i hadn't seen information before yesterday, and only knew about it as i am subscribed to the Falcon Daily email newsletter. It also didn't help that i had gone to the dentist earlier in the day, and then had a panicked trip to the vet with my pet rabbit Kitty, who as it turns out is quite sick. I'm still waiting to hear from the vet as to how she is doing, she was so bad she had to stay overnight. Hopefully no news is good news. Anyway, i'll be getting to the photos of the event later, not sure how quickly though with al that is going on.