Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UW-River Falls Drag Show 2012

Tonight (wednesday) was the drag show at the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and here is one of the performers dressed as a Borg from Star Trek. It was the day after my birthday, so while not on it, it was nice to get out and have fun. The Falcon's Nest where the event was held was packed more than i've ever seen it, even though it seems to have not been advertised that well, a good time was had by all it seemed, even though it showed how out of shape i am with walking around getting photos for several hours. Might take a while for me to go through all the photos and get them up, i took many, many ones as i was trying something new (fixed lens with a wide aperture for the low light). It means i couldn't sit in one spot like i've done previously and zoom in, so my feet are killing me.

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