Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Dancing with the UWRF Stars" - Be My Guest

Here are Bradley Caskey, Brian Schultz and Rae Benson daning to "Be My Guest" from Beauty and the Beast. I can't hear this song without hearing The Simpson's version "See My Vest". (couldn't find a good video of it, sorry) It is a much sillier song to be sure.

All the photos are now up on my flickr in this set here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

"Dancing with the Stars" UW-RF 2012

Last night was this years "Dancing with the Stars" benefit for the UW-River Falls dance team. Here are Tyler Biola with Emily Grosskopf facing to "Drop it Low". Again, wasn't feeling very hot, and the lighting was a nightmare. This is one of the good ones, but between dances they would cut the lights to show a video, then bring them back up, but to different low levels making it much harder to get consistent shots. Add in that nearer the front of the stage didn't seem to be lit at all, so when dancers got nearer the front, they would be almost in the dark. So while some of the shots i got turned out decent, there are several dances that will take work. So all the photos may take a while to get up, and as usual they will be on my flickr (side note here, the old flickr link on the side stopped working so i have a new one there, hopefully it will keep working.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wearable Art fashion show

Here is a shot of all the people wearing the wearable art in the fashion show that just happened a little while ago. All the fashions were things that normally wouldn't be materials for clothing, minus any perishable things, so no meat dresses. All of them were very creative, although i loved the metal squid headpiece the most i think, and the paint swatches dress too. I'm still working on my aluminum dress idea, and i think mine is better, but i do have no time limit, so that could have something to do with it. ;) More photos will be going up later in my flickr, just thought i'd get this up there now.

Side note, while waiting, i noticed a flyer for this years Dancing with the UWRF Stars (link goes to last years photos) that i hadn't seen anything about this year. It's happening thursday, so hopefully i'll be able to get out to that too. Last year it was before African Night, so i expected it then, not afterwards

The rest of the photos are up on my flickr in a set here.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

African Night 2012

Friday night was African Night at the local university, put on by the Black Student Union. Here is a shot near the end of the night, from the back of the very crowed Falcon's Nest area in the University Center. The reason it's in black and white is because i (for some reason, possibly because i now feel like i'm sick, chills, fatigue, etc, but didn't feel the hottest before going, uh oh, i'm patient zero.) decided to shoot the whole thing with my infrared converted camera and a flash that had an infrared filter on it. I could then use the flash without it being visible to people, and it wouldn't disturb them. It was interesting, although i didn't find out why they moved it here instead of where it was last year. As usual, i have more photos going up in a set on my flickr.