Saturday, February 11, 2012

African Night 2012

Friday night was African Night at the local university, put on by the Black Student Union. Here is a shot near the end of the night, from the back of the very crowed Falcon's Nest area in the University Center. The reason it's in black and white is because i (for some reason, possibly because i now feel like i'm sick, chills, fatigue, etc, but didn't feel the hottest before going, uh oh, i'm patient zero.) decided to shoot the whole thing with my infrared converted camera and a flash that had an infrared filter on it. I could then use the flash without it being visible to people, and it wouldn't disturb them. It was interesting, although i didn't find out why they moved it here instead of where it was last year. As usual, i have more photos going up in a set on my flickr.

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