Saturday, April 21, 2012

More of the Drag show

Here is another shot of the Drag Show at University of Wisconsin River Falls, this one of a drag king, which a woman dressed up as a man, as opposed to a drag queen, which is a male dressed up as a woman. The show was a mix of both, with most of the drag queens from the Twin Cities, although a couple students also were, but if i'm not mistaken all the drag kings were students.

I'm slowly getting the photos of the event up on a set on my flickr here, but i'm a bit distracted as one of my oldest pet rabbits is quite sick and not really getting any better. She had a serious infection that showed up on a blood test, and after a stay overnight at the vet, has been getting a lot of medications daily. She seemed to be doing slightly better, but the last couple of days has only hid and nibbled on food. Thats a bad sign, and she's acting a lot like Zack did before he passed. I know i have to brace myself, but they all mean the world to me, so it's hitting hard.

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