Thursday, October 20, 2011

Attack of the Moon Zombies

I just got back from a screening of Attack of the Moon Zombies at the University Center of UW-River Falls, and after there was a question and answer session with the maker Christopher R. Mihm from the Twin Cities. It was a very fun throwback to 1950s sci-fi films, B-movie ones, especially similar to Roger Corman. It was impressive he's basically made a film a year since 2006, and seems to really enjoy making them in his basement mostly. As to the film, starts slower and gets more into the flow as it goes, but that is also kind of how a lot of 50s sci-fi movies were.

On an unrelated note, i was housebound for a week after the previous photo as my car was in the shop for a bad anti-theft immobilizer that prevented me from starting the car. Thankfully it went out for good only about a mile from home, in front of a business i am close with the owners and employees. Thanks goes out to them again for giving me a drive home.

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