Monday, April 23, 2007

Construction in town

This is a photo taken today on the south edge of town where new construction has been going on for a while. I've never seen a foundation to a house like that, with all the pipes and such already sticking out without a building on top. This devolpment is right next to farm land and forests, and although i am about a half mile away from it or so, i still see foxes and other wild animals near my house. I've heard people have seen bears, i've never seen one in town, but i have seen some in Woodbury, which is the nearest suburb of the Twin Cities.


zannnie said...

Woodbury? hmm...sounds interesting to see bears! is it dangerous near them?:)

isabella said...

River Falls sounds bucolic - is it?

Welcome to the DP family!

PS If you were a faithful visitor to my blog (and why aren't you!), you'd know that I do not have a zoom camera ;-)

tfangel said...

@Zannnie: Bears are okay if you aren't near them. ;) They have been going to where people live more recently looking for food mostly at night. They can be dangerous if they attack you though.

@Isabella: I just started reading your blog, so i wasn't aware about not having a zoom, i'll be more faithful reading it now though. ;) I visit family down in Naples, and when i see the gators i am too afraid to get that close to them. You are very brave.