Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kleinpell Fine Arts (KFA) Building at night

This is the Kleinpell Fine Arts (KFA) building at the State University in town taken while it was still dark with a 30 second exposure and fish eye lens. The lights are more yellow, but i color corrected to make it more how i looks when you get used to the yellow lights. This is the building most of the classes i end up taking are in, arts, film studies, classes like that.


Anonymous said...

You are an interesting fellow. I went to see your macro shots of the spiders. The jumping spider is perhaps one of the best I have seen -- the front view. The daddy long legs are familiar too. I liked most of the things I saw but I didn't explore the other shots that were not macros.

I see you are into film, art, and something else. I like the photo you took today. I wanted to comment on that.

I was asked a long time ago to write a script for a television series and did and ended up hosting the 13-week series. I love television but only the real stuff and documentary-type or history and I found that I actually like doing the programs. I also write books. I wrote three for the series or that were sold with the series.

One of the sponsors was Parker Pen Ltd.

I must have written 30 or more books. The last four were about a village where I was born and grew up. Some detailed work and lots of research.

I have been involved in 35mm photography since 1953. All of the shots I took over a three years period, in Japan, are housed in the Sendai City Museum of History and Folklore in Japan. They have an annual exhibit of my photos too.

It is sometimes hard to find people with similar likes and displies on the Internet, but you wouldn't think so.

Thanks again for stopping.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

tfangel said...

@abraham: Thanks for the wonderful compliments. I'm still learning a lot about photography, i was more into animation for a long time, but decided to branch out into photography. Sounds like you have had a very interesting life, and i love your photos.