Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lightning storm

I couldn't think of anything i could do for theme day, either i don't know River Falls well enough or it doesn't have something that fits. Either way, i decided to try to get the lightning in the storm that happened just a few hours ago on film. This is the one i was most impressed with. I took it out of an upstairs window of my house looking out over the street as the sun was setting. Storms in spring are pretty common here, it warms up a lot during the day and then the cold air fronts blow in and strong storms follow. There are usually tornado reports in spring, but i really hope to never be close enough to one to get a photo of it. ;)


zannnie said...

cool, i never know how to take a 'lightning' shot! and this one is really with nice variations of colours :)

tfangel said...

@Zannnie: Thanks, it was easier than i thought, altough i'm sure with practice i can get better at it. I put the camera on a tripod, set exposure to 30secs, continuous shot, and used a remote trigger to keep shooting so i wouldn't have to touch the camea. There were way more shots of no lightning, but it was neat to try.

Gerald England said...

Fantastic shot

Don't worry about not joining in themes.