Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day photograph

This was taken yesterday, Memorial Day, in the cemetary on the north side of town. I missed the parade and ceremony but took some pictures anyway. This was a marker sitting by itself in a blank area of grass, i'm not sure if there used to be more old markers like this or it was the only one there. The graveyards here are less grand than the ones i was used to in LaCrosse, which had statues and more unusual markers. Here they are mostly just the headstone type, but i did see several that were before 1900. A funny thing happened while i was there. There was a crow following me around, it would hop up on a headstone, and when i raised my camera, it would hop behind it. It didn't matter if i raised it slowly or fast, the crow would be hidden by the time i got the camera up to my eye. He was totally playing with me, i kept giggling after a while as it was just so surreal.

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