Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bird eating

I saw this bird eating some of the dandelions that had gone all white puffball. I don't know what kind of bird this is, but it's very pretty. I guess i always figured that something ate the seeds of dandelions, but have never seen it before. This little bird also ate for quite some time, several heads of them. It's kind of nice knowing that even though they kind of take over the yard, that something is getting some food out of them, this bird and the wild rabbits i have seen.


Anonymous said...

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting on it. I appreciate it a lot.

I like your photograph too and I can identify your bird. It is a Purple Finch and I have one on my blog where you were at. Just scroll down farther and you will see it. There is also a female Purple Finch there too.

I have not seen them eat Dandelion seed here but then they are always eating sunflower chips or the hearts of black oil sunflower minus the hulls. It is a delicious meal for all of wildlife and not that cheap. Of course there is no waste and no hulls leftover.

It is a beautiful bird as is its cousin, the House Finch, that looks almost the same except the red on the house finch is less wine colored. It is a duller red and less of it.

Thanks again.

tfangel said...

I feel like a space case, i saw those birds in your blog the other day, but didn't think it was the same thing. I'm not sure why though.
I put out bird seed of different kinds all year long, so i was surprised to see the bird eating a dandelion when "better" food was there.