Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UWRF International Bazaar 2010

Tuesday night i went to the International Bazaar that was held at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. Sadly it was barely advertised at all, from what i could tell. I only saw a small mention in the calendar section of the local paper, and that was from just seeing what was coming up in town. I didn't see if there was more around town, but it would explain why there weren't as many people as i expected. Still, it was a good time. I was almost thinking about not going, as i wasn't feeling the hottest and it was raining, but i'm glad i did. Good food, good performances and good conversation with a couple who sat near me during the food and fashion show parts. I took several hundred photos, and it will take a while to go through them and get them ready to post, so i thought i'd put this first one up now, and post the others over the next several days.

Next week is the Unity in the Community event, which i believe is an extension of this event, but there will probably be overlap of photos as there is a lot to show.

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