Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unity in the Community 2010 - MuDaiko

This is the first of many, many pictures from the 2010 Unity in the Community performances, the first group taking place at the University Center of the local university. These are the MuDaiko drummers preforming one of their numbers. I arrived during part of it, as it was very difficult to find a place to park, i ended up several blocks away. Slight rant time here, the parking situation in town near the university is horribly planned. One side of the streets is basically off limits for parking during the day, so locals can park, but then they don't have enough parking for the students, much less for anyone wanting to go to events like this. Still don't understand why there isn't a parking garage or better solution, but oh well.

Another unrelated side note, today i turn 40, where have the years gone?

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