Friday, April 2, 2010

Goodbye Zack

My bunny Zack just passed away from kidney failure, so i'm posting a wonderful photo of him when he was more healthy than the past few months. I had him since late 2004 when i got him at the humane society after whoever had him before me had just let him go outside and they had found him. I had no idea how old he was before he came here, but the vet thought a year or to, not too many as his teeth this year were still very good. I spoiled him rotten, while still watching his diet and such. Not sure what caused his kidney failure, and hope it's isolated and none of the others catch it.

I can honestly say i wouldn't be here if not for them, and even though it was natural (as much as it was) causes, it still hurts to not have him in my life anymore.

Goodbye Zack.


Alice said...

oh dearest tfangel i am so sorry to see this. i know exactly what you mean about not being here if it weren't for them, and then when they aren't here it makes us wish we weren't either. i hope and know that your other bunnies will help you with this. sending lots of love and strength to you and the rest of your clan. as above so below, 'alice'

tfangel said...

Thank you Alice, I know you understand how awesome they are and how much we'll miss them.

Him and Fats are now playing together.