Sunday, April 4, 2010


Since it's Easter, and i'm trying to focus on the good, i figured i'd post a picture of one of my awesome rabbits Jerry. As much as i love them, people should be thoughtful about getting rabbits as pets, especially around Easter. There are so many abandoned rabbits after Easter from people who get them on a whim or don't realize how much work they are that there is a good movement called Make Mine Chocolate. They are awesome if you know what you are in for though, smart if given stimulation, affectionate, can be potty trained, and way more. They can live for around 12 years though, and are mischievous with a love to get into trouble. There is a great book that explains why i love them so much, Stories Rabbits Tell, how badly they are treated too, yet have done so much for us.


Birdman said...

Holy Smokes! After looking at all the stuffed, candied, drawn, marshmellow bunnies, it's nice to see an honest to goodness REAL bunny!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

I agree with birdman. REAL bunnies are beautiful. We have one. She is sweet but MESSY. People don't realize when they get rabbits how much they eat, spray, and generate waste. Fortunately, we have the space for ours but she can get nasty! She is at least 6 or 7. Sorry you lost yours to kidney failure. Who would imagine?