Friday, April 23, 2010

Brief intermission from the Unity in the Community

A brief intermission from the Unity in the Community for these two mourning doves i saw on my seed covered deck. It's seed covered because the birds and squirrels love to toss seed out of the feeders on to the deck, and for some reason it doesn't go off without me doing it. Anyway, i saw these doves doing this with their wings and i was afraid they were hurt, so i grabbed the camera so i could see closer without opening the door. They seemed okay, and even moved around, grooming themselves and doing little dances around each other. They then went back to doing this. I did some research online and it seems what they were doing was sunbathing. It even described that they do this with one wing only at a time. Not sure why. I love the looks of their feathers and how you can see all the details that normally you don't see.

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