Thursday, July 15, 2010

Storms, many of them

Short break from the River Falls Days to talk about the storms that rolled through here on Wednesday. This picture was taken after the storms left if you can believe that. The sun came out right after, but there were tornado sightings, lots of rain, and wind gusts up to 80mph. Thankfully the immediate area was okay, but south in Elsworth there was a lot of damage, and over in Baldwin or close to, a semi got over turned by the wind. This was made worse by the fact that it wasn't just one front, it was two or three. One in the morning, with just mostly rain, then the major one with the tornados and then later one with another storm front. They say thursday will be more of the same, as it's been very hot (high 80s or into the 90s) with a high dew point (high 70s) and feels like 106F with the humidity. I know as soon as i stepped out it sure felt like it.

I found out later that my home town of Pittsville got hit too, and my parents house may be damaged, but also that a lot of my friends from there told me many trees are down. I'm glad everyone is safe and while the storms were fierce, it sounds like no one was hurt.

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