Saturday, July 10, 2010

River Falls Days, Friday - Accident

Not the best way to start the weekend i'm betting. After i got a bite to eat at Bo's and Mine, sad to see they had a shorter menu for the weekend with only a couple of selections, i noticed a fire truck and lots of lights going off. At first i thought it might be part of the parade starting, so i went up to it. This is as close as i wanted to get, i didn't want to be a gawker (i'd probably make a horrible paparazzi or freelance news person, i hate interrupting people in stress) but i thought i should get a photo at least. Didn't look too serious, but there was an ambulance, a fire truck, and two police cars. The grey car had significant damage to the back, and it's hood was up for some reason. I have no idea how any can go fast on main, even on a light day cars go slower than 20mph or so, which is probably good as people tend to dart out in traffic without looking. The traffic was even slower today, as there were so many people and cars, i'd say lucky if it went over 15mph, but i guess if someone isn't paying attention, they can do major damage. I hope no one was hurt, but it probably did ruin the day or weekend at the least for the people involved. 

Side note, i was surprised i didn't get yelled at when i approached with my camera, i've heard lots of stories lately about photographers being stopped for taking pictures of various things. I haven't been stopped yet, but i have noticed police cars driving slowly by me and looking when i'm out and about taking photos.

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