Monday, July 12, 2010

River Falls Days, Sunday - Fireworks

This is one of the shots of the fireworks sunday night that finished up River Falls Days. Not the most impressive display, reminded me of about the same as the town i grew up in of 800 people, expected "something" better. They were also behind the trees a lot more than i expected. Maybe i got spoiled by the ones LaCrosse had, from the bluff and over the river. Used to go out on the roof over my garage and watch the ones from the bluff as it was only a half a mile away, but elevated and a nice view from there. I also didn't have to deal with everything that tested my patience tonight, from the people in the car that kept thinking it was funny to flash their headlights on bright right at  most people several times during the display, to the cop who was waving me through traffic then decided to yell at me for doing what he said (hint to him, learn that when you point at a car and are waving in the direction to go, that means that car should go, not stop.), to the tailgaters who seemed drunk and almost hit me, to the humidity that started to condense on my lens as it got darker (which is why the shots of the fireworks look 'fuzzy'), to the HUGE bat that decided to get the bugs around me (not even kidding, at least a four foot wingspan, at least. Flew around me, hit me with it's wings, scared the living daylights out of me). Sigh...

So anyway, this was my first try at shooting fireworks, and with all those complications, and the strange decision to try it with fisheye, some turned out decent i think. This is one of my favorites.

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