Friday, July 9, 2010

River Falls Days, Thursday - Street Sale

This is a quick post as i only got back a little while ago from a long, long day of walking around town and shooting (with my camera, not a gun) what was happening. For those not in the loop, River Falls is about a week behind with Fourth of July celebrations, most common reason given is that since it's such a college town, no one is here for the actual holiday. I can see that, as the town get's pretty empty in summer. Not as bad as the resort towns around, where they are deserted in every time except summer. Thankfully not too hot today, although it was in the 80s, and sunny, but has been much worse.

This is part of the street sale that is going on around town during the weekend. This store was Mr. Movies, which recently moved to a smaller store. Since Netflix became better, and now streams movies online on demand to either computer, tv that is made to receive it, or Playstation 3 (what i use mostly or computer when i'm just looking to be on it while i watch), i haven't really even thought of going into a rental store. Where i lived previously, i could walk half a block to a video store, and it was before Netflix, but here it's not as convenient for me. I feel bad for the video store owners, but it's hard to fight the convenience.

Just a note, i took a LOT of pictures just today (Thursday) and there are three more days, so while i'm not sure what i am getting to actually, i will have things posting that are from days before, and of course my flickr will be having much more than i will post here.

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