Friday, March 21, 2008

Kitty and Zack

Since Easter is coming up on Sunday, I'm going to post pictures of my pet rabbits. This is kitty (on the right) and Zack (on the left). All my rabbits are house rabbits, meaning they live in the house and are pretty good about being litter trained. They have separate houses, although these two now have a bigger house they stay in together, where they go when ones are out that they fight with.
Even though bunnies are associated with Easter, they should never be given as gifts. Rabbits are very social animals that thrive when given lots of attention and room to explore. They can also live for 12 years, although health problems usually come up before that, and they can actually be scared to death if they see a predator and feel in fear for their life with no where to hide. Never, ever, ever release a pet rabbit into the wild. I know there are wild ones out there, but domesticated rabbits are so far from the wild ones, with little instinct left on how to survive that their lives are brutal and short. If they get very lucky, a humane society will save them, and then they may end up like Kitty, Zack and Jerry, that's where i got them and what had happened to them. Please also spay and neuter your pets, besides the fact that "breeding like rabbits" isn't a myth, it prevents lots of cancer in female rabbits, and makes male ones less aggressive.


Kate said...

Well, I was going to post a flippant, "Just in time for Easter," until I read your commentary. You are a kind soul! I appreciate the information and the knowledge that these rabbits have a good home!!

Rambling Round said...

Love those Easter bunnies!