Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is he that hungry? ;)

I know he's not eating his leg, but he was really going to town on it. Not sure if it itched or he was just cleaning heavily. It's still cold, with highs only in the 20s, but it looks like later this week will get to around 40F or so, that will be nice. The birds and other wild animals still get seeds from the feeders and what falls, but they seem to be wanting something different too.


Kim said...

I'm sure he's crafty, but he's oh so cute! I think squirrels can outsmart about 98% of all feeders designed to keep them off ;^). Great shot.
Seattle Daily Photo

Jim said...

Cute picture.

Anonymous said...

Fleas. They got fleas and lots of them. Sometimes they can get them but something they have to dig a little. I see little ones sometimes and rabbits too that are covered with fleas. It would drive me crazy but they don't really seem to be bothered with them as much as I would be. Nice photo