Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jerry and Amanda

Continuing the bunnies, this is Jerry (the white one) and Amanda (the brown one). Jerry was gotten from the Humane society, who found him outside after someone just let him go. He's the biggest sweetest bunny in the world. Amanda is a bit funny, she's stubborn and likes to be the one who makes the rules.


Ineke said...

I know it sounds silly, but i have always been a bit afraid of rabbits coz i have been bitten pretty hard once. How are they treating you?

tfangel said...

They can bite hard, but mostly when afraid or hurt. Sometimes they will nip when they are being held, which they don't always like. They have all treated me great though, and i don't really hold it against them if they do bite, it's just one of their few ways of expressing themselves.