Sunday, September 30, 2007

pumpkin update

The ghost pumpkin hasn't grown much more in size than it had last time, but is taking on an interesting color pattern, that i'm not sure you can see here. I'll probably harvest it soon, so it doesn't go bad on the vine, but i'm never sure when is the best time to with them.

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TOG said...

I grew watermelons many years ago and when they were maturing I ask an old man, how will I know when they were ripe. His answer was 'when the ears fall off'. After I stopped laughing he showed me the ears. They are very small leaves next to the fruit. And by golly they do fall off. Still I lost half of the crop because I picked it at the wrong time. The ones that we ate were good but we never grew them again. I never thought that I would ever us that information again.