Tuesday, July 31, 2007

very hot and dry

It's been very hot and dry lately, my lawn is turning brown really fast, partly because i have plumbing problems and can't water it. Also because it's been over 90 and sometimes over 100 with the heat index, the little rain we have had isn't nearly enough to keep lawns green. So this is kind of a surprise to me. This is part of the huge pumpkin plant that i was growing in the peat pots. Most of the others seem to have been pillaged by various wild animals, but not this one. The plant stretches for a good six feet or more, with several flowers. It's also the most green plant in my yard. Since i haven't been able to really water it, i'm curious as to why it's so green and big, where is it getting water from? Are it's roots that deep? I don't know a whole lot about plants, if you can't tell. ;)


Annie said...

It surprises me to hear that it's been hot and dry in your part of the world. That's where I imagine everything grows lush and happily all summer long.

It is interesting how some plants just seem to nestle in and do well, even when most of the others that were plants at the same time have died off. I hope your pumpkin lives to give you thousands of seeds (and pies, too).

Anonymous said...

We are in your boat too. But we did get one inch of rain one time in three months. Our grass is like wheat straw and I have had to water the plants to keep them alive. Think I will have to plant grass seed or give up on it altogether and get some plants that love desert conditions.

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