Sunday, July 1, 2007

"Baby" bird

The birds and squirrels managed to open up one of the older bird feeders i had and spilled most of the seeds out on the deck. Luckily the newer metal ones are holding up and not broken yet. ;) I saw this one bird sitting on the deck holding out its wings straight out and shaking them, so at first i thought it was possibly injured. Then i saw it open its mouth and another bird feed it. That's no baby bird, but probably still wanting to be fed it seems. I don't know how long they go before they stop feeding the young ones, but it looks pretty mature. Was still cute to see and get pictures of them. The bright colored ones were actually there, but not in the camera shot, it seemed like several couples of birds and young ones, but this is the best angle i got.


Kate said...

Interesting capture. Abraham Lincoln could answer your questions about feeding what looks like a mature bird.

Anonymous said...

I like your capture very much. It is a baby bird being fed by mom. I have tufted tit mouse birds doing the same thing here now. All of the larger birds, like grackles, and starlings and even robins have raised their young and all are off on their own.

The baby birds are often larger than the parents. I guess the only way to explain it is "baby fat" and it disappears.

I like your picture.

Abraham Lincoln
—Me as Moses—

zannnie said...

This shot is so cool......! wow! wonderful capture! very precious... ;)