Monday, July 16, 2007

River Falls Days Parade, Zor Funster

Back to the parade pictures. This is one of the Zor Funsters going around in the little carts they ride. I've seen Zor Funsters at parades for a long time, but i really don't know how to explain what they are. It's like how you see something a lot, and never think about how to explain it to someone who has never seen one. On a related note, this year got me wondering about parade saftey. Several parades no longer allow the participants to toss candy into the crowds, this parade had kids running out and trying to get the candy. I know some kids have gotten hurt at some parades before, not sure about here yet, but i saw some kids get out in the road far before the parents grabbed them back. I also saw older high school kids basically grabbing candy from the very young kids, which also bothered me.

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