Monday, April 30, 2012

Unity In the Community - Dance theater

Here are some of the dancers from the dance theater program doing a Cuban dance at the university portion of Unity in the Community last week. On a related note, i read opinions in the paper and other places (i'm not going to link to them to even give them that satisfaction) that show why we need these events, frankly disgusting, racist, bigoted, and ignorant comments that make me ashamed to live in the same country as those who feel that way. I would like to say it surprises me, but i know from first hand experience that it exists, i just wish we were better than that.

Still working on the photos, i was out of town recently and didn't have much time to go though them, but will be soon i hope. As i get them done they will be going up in a set on my flickr here.

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Kelly said...

Great post! Keep celebrating what is good.