Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Dancing with the Stars" UW-River Falls

The UWRF Dance Team held an event called "Dancing with the Stars" wednesday night, where there were contests that had faculty and sports team members dancing with members of the dance team. I'll probably post more pictures of it as the week goes on, but feeling very run down now, not sure if it's the flu/cold that is going around, or the very strong perfume that someone was wearing that had my nose itching and me sneezing most of the time.

Here are members of dance team performing for the first dance, where they all came out, before the team ups happened. Still working on how to do better low light stuff, worry about it being too noisy with high ISO, but with no flash, i'm limited to slower shutter speed. Could be the lighting isn't the best either, okay to watch, but not photograph it seems.

Want to say i'm kind of sad that this was the first time they did this thing, and it got around three times the people (and this had a charge too) that the Culture Fest did. Not sure exactly why, but i'm guessing since there seemed to be a lot of the football team there and performing, that probably had something to do with it.

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