Wednesday, January 12, 2011

IR cold day in the snow

Here is a shot i took just a little while ago, using an IR filter on my digital camera, looking down Cascade Street towards the university campus. It sees things differently than regular with the IR filter on, leaves tend to turn white, and other things, since it's usually a several second exposure. It's cold, but not as cold as it has been, and the blue sky even came out a little, not that you an really tell, but the white in the sky are the clouds, and the rest was blue. School hasn't started yet, but there were a good deal of cars, maybe people moving in to dorms or what not, but i was surprised at the amount of cars once i got closer to campus and tried to find a place to park there. (I didn't, for the record.)


Petrus said...

It looks very very cold ... it's getting milder here in the UK thank goodness.

tfangel said...

It's currently 21F (-6C), much better than it's been, closer to 0F (-18C) lately, but still chilly. I can't wait for spring. ;)