Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reindeer tracks?

On my way out yesterday i noticed these tracks on the now on the roof, but it was pretty dark and overcast, so i got a picture of them today. Are they reindeer tracks? I'm guessing no, as i've seen squirrels up there, but it made me have a bit of a smile. It's also nice that it's clear out, after being so grey and cold, it's actually pretty warm too, over 30F (-1C or so) and the snow is kind of melting. You can kind of tell there was a lot of snow up there, from getting close to two feet in the area, and i'm enjoying watching seeing New York get a lot too. Not in a mean way, but to know it's not just us and to see how other cities deal with it. The Twin Cities are still having snow emergencies, even though the snow hasn't come for a little while, but with freezing drizzle predicted for thursday through saturday, i'm thinking snow would be better.


abby jenkins said...

reindeer tracks! That is awesome!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at riverfallsdailyphoto.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?