Friday, December 17, 2010

Hawk vs Crows

The other day i was sitting in my kitchen, and i saw this hawk on my deck, i'm guessing looking for the squirrels that frequent the feeders. That's when things got surprising. I saw the two crows that also hang out in my yard go after the hawk. The hawk was bigger than the crows, and it was just two crows, but the crows were so aggressive and focused that the hawk ended up hiding in this tree until they moved away and then it fled pretty quickly. I didn't see the hawk get any hits on the crows, they kept it off balance and went from all sides. I'm constantly impressed with how smart crows are, but i am also now more impressed with how brave they are, if you've ever seen the beak and claws on hawks close up, you know what i'm talking about. Sadly i couldn't get any good shots of the chase, they were just all too fast and kept going in directions i couldn't get through the windows.

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