Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Dancing with the Stars" UW-River Falls: Paquita

Here is Ben Gesmer dancing with Emily Terwedo dancing to Paquita. His friends persuaded him to remove his shirt before hand, so that's why he is topless. She did a good job, but as you can probably tell, i thought he was a bit stiff and awkward. Good try though.

Side note, earlier this evening (friday night), i found out there was an event called African Night held at the KFA building, an hour before it was to start. Wasn't sure about going as such short notice and still a bit under the weather, but it sounded neat and worth the effort. Long story short, i cleaned up a bit, and went, and it was fun, although i regretted eating all that food an hour earlier as there was lots of African food to try out. I'll write more about it when i get the photos done, but i wanted to mention it.

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