Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Road sign

I was out with my camera this evening and thought i would grab a (rather blurry) shot of this sign in town. I noticed someone added "jobs" above the "Road Closed Ahead", I'm guessing they meant "Jobs Closed Ahead", as "jobs road closed ahead" doesn't make much sense as it's Main Street that is closed. Sorry about the blurriness of it, i haven't been feeling the best and it's made my normally bad vision even worse (i have keratoconus pretty badly in my right eye, with milder in my left. I can't even make out letters anymore with my right but my left has only one "smear" that i see all the time. Autofocus is a blessing for me, manual is more a guessing game and seeing how it looks on the screen afterwards). Back to the sign, i know the economy here in town isn't too great, as several companies closed and more had large layoffs, but we are pretty close to the Twin Cities where a lot of people from here seem to work. I also want to say i hate that style of graffiti, not that much is "good", but it's so less interesting than mural types and seems to just be something to deface things.


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