Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have no idea.

This is how i feel. It's a christmas elf from my parents house that i brought here and took a photo of. I actually used an older film camera i got at an antique store for cheap and scanned the image. That slumped over look is how i feel. I've been sick for a good while, at first just odd things, now with what i'm pretty sure is the flu. Seems swine flu is making it's way through the area, with at least one confirmed case, and i'm pretty sure i've got it. I start to think i feel better, then make the mistake of moving around a lot or going out, then it's when my body tells me i made a mistake. Good times. Thankfully what i've been going through is more mild than i hear from friends, i've just had stomach issues, fever, chills, and trouble sleeping (why i'm posting this at around four am, couldn't sleep). Thankfully no breathing issues, which is where people seem to have more troubles and where it can get worse.

So anyway, here's a slumped over elf.

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Hilary said...

awww, hope you feel better soon.