Monday, September 21, 2009

Odd Spider

I have several larger webs like this outside the window in my kitchen area that have been built in the larger bush. The Spiders build their nests like this so i can see right in them. I've never seen one like this before though, white and clear. I also tried a new method of photographing them as normally i use a ring flash, but it changes how they look, and with the glass it reflects too much. Thankfully the spider stayed still long enough, although focusing with that lens is hard. There are other spiders building funnel type webs around this one, and i thought they were wolf spiders or brown recluse, but now i'm not sure. I'm going to try to get good pictures of those too just to be sure. Either way, these aren't the smaller harmless ones i get indoors, these are bigger, although look much larger here. The jumping spiders i normally get photos of are tiny, as you can tell when they are near the flies and screens. These guys are about thumbnail size or so. Still, pretty how it's translucent.

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