Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yard bunny in sunset

Today is my 38th birthday, and yesterday as i had the front door open to air out the house, i saw this yard bunny sitting right in front of my door. He stayed there for at least ten minutes, just watching and sitting and listening. It's been a pretty rough time so far, but this was a nice moment of happy.


USelaine said...

A beautiful picture with all the natural color blending, but offset by the three textures. Of course, how can you miss with a bunny.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. I liked your post yesterday too. Haven't seen you out and about. You been sick?

"alice" said...

bunnies sure do have a way of knowing when to appear don't they? very rare indeed a wild bunny hanging out so close.

thanks for the photo, it speaks volumes.