Friday, April 4, 2008

Veteran's Park Statue

This is the statue that was installed off Main street in Veteran's Park. There is a lot of controversy over it, mostly people say it doesn't represent veterans, and is ugly. I understand art is in the eye of the beholder, and there are sometimes symbolism that is missed by a lot of people. Honestly though, i don't get it, it reminds me of a child's colored paper art. This is coming from someone who likes abstract art and has gone to art school too, and i like public art. To each their own.

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"alice' said...

tfangel could you please at some point do some sort of a post regarding how you keep up with 5 rabbits! do they all get along? perhpas there is a post about his in your archives that you could lead me to? mine don't all get along and when i see a household that manages this kind of thing i'm amazed....what's your secret?!?!

ya i'm not wild about the sculpture either...although with your comparison to a child's drawing it seems more enjoyable somehow.