Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Here is one of the local birds watching me while he (or she) eats some of the seed i put out in the new feeder. I like how it has one of the seeds in it's beak. I'm so bad at telling what kind of birds i have, i should really get a bird handbook as i love watching them and would like to know what to call them.

In other news, i have what i think is the flu. I'm not sure how i got it, but i was talking to a friend online who lives in Los Angeles, and she had it, now i have it. I'm kidding, i know i can't catch it online, but the timing was funny. Hopefully everyone out there doesn't it too bad or gets over it fast.


Anonymous said...

The bird is a female finch. I am not sure if it is a House Finch or a Purple Finch but it is a finch. The seed looks right too. I don't see any junk seed in the feeder. Most big box stores sell crappy seeds and most of it ends up on the ground as birds don't eat much of what they put in the bags.

Nice post.

I was on my other computer for about 3 hours this morning (4 am to 7am) working on pictures of finches I took a month ago. Some of them turned out really nice.

Olivier said...

Je te souhaite un Happy Halloween ;o))