Monday, October 22, 2007


I got a newer bird feeder, and hopefully they won't destroy this one, but it looks like the squirrels have gotten creative and figured out how to get food out of it. The bigger blue jays also have a little trick that amused me, they will hop up and since they don't really fit, they will run their beaks along the gap that food comes out of scattering the seed to the deck below, where they eat it. I knew animals were more creative than we give them credit for, but it's really amusing to watch anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I have a solution for you to stop the squirrels from eating or getting on the bird feeder.

It is a round flat disk made of metal. A hook bolt goes through the center and screws half way onto a nut. Another bolt just like the first one screws onto the bottom into the same nut. So it is a hook separated by a flat, round metal disk, with a hook on the bottom. The top hook is for hanging in a tree. The bottom hook is for attaching the bird feeder.

The squirrels cannot get down past the round flat metal disk and if they try they fall off as the disk tips.

We have two of them. Bought at the Tractor Supply stores here for about $15.00. I can send or email you a picture of it if you are interested and tell me where to send it. They really work.

You can email me from my profile on my blog.