Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day, and there were bed races and other events downtown, where for a part of the evening they closed off the downtown part of main street and allowed people to drink beer out of special event cups. I decided to go with my infrared camera again, so while the image is black and white, just pretend everyone is wearing some sort of green, because most were. I am not sure what bed races had to do with the holiday, but it seems to be a popular event to hold. Some of the beds didn't quite seem like beds, but a lot of them seemed to enjoy the races and there was a pretty large crowd. It was also very, very warm, getting up to if not over 80F, and even overnight it didn't cool down much. Today was also close to the 80s.

There are many more images of the events over on my flickr in a set, some converted to black and white, others how they look right out of the camera with little (slight things) corrections.

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