Saturday, March 24, 2012

Roots and Bluegrass Festival

This weekend was the second annual Roots and Bluegrass Festival, and while i do believe i missed quite a few of the bands due to not feeling the hottest and it being so hot out, i did get to several. It was interesting to see so many bands like this just playing in the street. Many bands were in the various taverns, restaurants and coffee shops,  but several would venture out and play on the sidewalk. It was surprising that while walking around outside you wouldn't see many people, but then each venue was packed to the brim with people. No surprise that this time i also took my infrared camera out, with the ir flash, which really did help inside places, and the flash wasn't a distraction. I'm still working on photos, so they might take a while to all get up, but as usual they will be on my flickr in a while.

(unrelated side note, something seems to be up with the city daily photo gadget on the side there, not sure if it's permanent or what though. Sorry)

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