Monday, January 2, 2012

Where Lund's used to be

There used to be a hardware store where this lot is now. Econofoods has decided to expand, and got a pretty big tax break to do it, which upset Dick's Market, the other grocery store in town, and the one i prefer for various reasons. So basically, it seems they tore down three buildings, are putting a lot there for better parking (it couldn't be worse than it was, which is saying something), and going to be some sort of work inside too. Not to mention, there is going to be a stop light at the intersection of the road i took this at. Get ready for lots of people not stopping for the lights, especially while people get used to it being there, and i'm guessing accidents too. This feels and looks odd to me, it's right downtown, and now a big lot, not the feeling most downtowns have or desire, but whatever.

I'm putting a panorama photo of the lot and such below, hopefully that isn't against the daily photo idea.
Only way to really get a good view of it all though. Click to embiggen.

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