Thursday, November 18, 2010

9th Annual Culture Fest

While checking out the website of the local university, i noticed an event posting about the 9th Annual Culture fest. This surprised me for a couple reasons, that i've lived here since 2002, and never heard about 1 through 8, and i only found out about this one a day or two before it happening. I'm not sure how these are advertised to the student body, but to the non-university people, it wasn't advertised at all. Not even on the local paper website, although i'm not sure if it was in the print edition, which is only out once a week. I debated going, as i wasn't familiar with the North Hall Auditorium, and if it would be good for taking pictures without bothering people too much, luckily it had a balcony that not many people used, and then after intermission, no one other than me. Hopefully the sound of the camera didn't disturb them.

I'll be posting pictures of the event for a while, even though i have a rather large amount of them in a flickr set here. Several of the performers were similar to the unity in the community events previously, but with some variations, hopefully enough to be interesting to those here.

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