Sunday, February 21, 2010

Night bunny

As i was going up to bed the other night, after a very stressful couple of weeks, i looked out at my driveway. Where i saw this lovely little wild bunny sitting. I was not wanting to scare him off or anything, so i didn't use a flash or turn the light on, so this was as good as i could get. Some of the newer SLRs can hit insane ISO speeds, but mine only went to around 3200, so hopefully you can see him. (or her, i have no idea)

Me and a friend of mine used to have a thing, where if we saw a relaxed wild rabbit, it meant something good. No real point, but the fact that they are mostly hiding and hunted by everything, the fact that you saw one in a rare state had to mean something good. I'm hoping that's the case, i could really use it right now.

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